Pacific Crest Engineering Inc. - Geotechnical Group / Chemical Process Group - Watsonville, CA

Landslide Investigations

Slope Stability Studies

Coastal Engineering & Seawalls

Limited Access Drilling

Certified DBE #41551

Certified Small Business #47199

Certified WBE #15060114


Geotechnical Consulting Services
• Geotechnical Investigations (Soils Reports)
• Coastal Engineering and Bluff Stabilization
• Karst Terrain Expertise and Geotechnical Design
• Peer Review Services
• Percolation Testing
• Slope Stability Studies
• Roadway Pavement Design
• Laboratory Testing Services
• Concrete Sampling and Testing Services
• AMRL, DSA and Cal-Trans Certified Laboratory
• Expert Witness\Forensic Evaluation of Distressed Structures
• Compaction Grouting, Lime Treatment, Underpinning
• Construction Phase Observation and Testing Services
Chemical Process\Environmental Consulting Services:
• Chemical Process Design
• Equipment (Tool) Fit-up and Hook-up
• Bioengineering for Diesel and Other Fuels (Biodiesel Design)
• Waste Water / Storm Water Management Systems
• Air Dispersion Modeling
• RMPP’s/CALARP’s, SPCCP’s, NPDES Permits, HMMP’s, SB14’s etc.
• SWPPP Preparation - CAL TRANS Certified
• Air Permitting
• Equipment (Tool) Process Air Emission Simulations
• Soil and Groundwater Remediation Systems
• Facility Closure Services
• Construction Administration
• Fire Protection Engineering
• Project Management


Pacific Crest Engineering is a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE #41551) and a Certified Small Business (SBE #47199) with the State of California.  We are also recognized by the Joint Utilities as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE #15060114)

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